What are CVD Diamonds?

CVD diamond, or chemical vapor deposition diamond, is a man-made diamond created through the process of chemical vapor deposition (CVD). It’s important to note that CVD diamonds are not synthetic diamonds, they’re real natural diamonds grown in the lab in an environmentally-friendly manner using no harmful chemicals or gases. These lab-grown diamonds, made by companies like Diamond Foundry and Pure Grown Diamonds , are incredibly high quality, being rated with the same grade and cut as their mined counterparts. You can find out more about these amazing diamonds here .

Why do we have this name for these diamonds?

CVD stands for chemical vapor deposition. While today, CVD diamonds are generally defined as lab-grown blue sapphires, some manufacturers still use it as a term for all lab-grown diamonds—including brown and yellow stones. Because of this, you’ll sometimes see retailers using CVD when they really mean to refer to cultured or lab-created. The bottom line is that if you're buying diamond jewelry or looking into having a diamond made in a lab instead of mined from nature's depths, be sure to ask questions about what exactly CVD means.

Are they really different from regular diamonds?

All diamonds, whether natural or lab-created, are made up of only three elements: carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen. It’s hard to tell them apart just by looking at them—if you had one side-by-side with a regular diamond, you probably wouldn’t notice a difference. However, where they differ is in their color. Unlike other naturally occurring diamonds that contain yellow or brown tints (usually from boron), CVD diamonds produce high saturation levels of blue hues because of their specific growth process. Therefore, if you’re looking for something bold and bright but don’t want to spend more than $1,000 on an engagement ring, then these faux diamonds are right for you!

Where do they come from and what makes them unique?

CVD diamonds are lab-grown, but have all of those wonderful natural diamond characteristics: strength, fire, and brilliance. You can’t tell a CVD diamond from a natural one under 10x magnification. The finished product is stronger than any other gemstone on earth; if you could attach it to something else that also has inherent structural weakness (like glass), you could literally hold up an entire building with one. Additionally, these man-made gems are fire and colorless which makes them perfect for settings—no need to hide behind a layer of color or compromise your integrity with clarity! They can even be sized and polished into beautiful jewels like blue sapphire engagement rings. Let our team design something special for you today!

Do they show inclusions like normal diamonds do?

Yes, a CVD diamond will show any inclusions that are found in a natural diamond. However, these inclusions do not affect its overall beauty and brilliance like they would for a normal diamond. In fact, it is common for most people to not even notice that there is an inclusion until it is pointed out to them. This means that you can have a beautiful blue sapphire without paying as much money as you would with a natural blue sapphire. These diamonds may be coated with either high-pressure or low-pressure technology depending on your preferences and desired effects: what they both have in common though is that they end up making very beautiful gems that appear similar to naturally occurring blue sapphires in terms of color and clarity.

How long will they last, can they be re-cut etc.?

CVD diamonds typically last much longer than their traditional mined counterparts. Because they don’t require such aggressive cutting to bring out their inherent beauty, they can be re-cut with minimal loss of weight and refractive index. What's more, because we have a range of different sizes available (starting at 1 carat and up), you may find that your perfect stone is already waiting for you in our inventory. If not, one of our master diamond cutters would be happy to create your dream diamond from scratch. CVD diamonds are built for longevity so what's not to love about them! Read on for further details and to learn how you can get access to these stunning stones today...

An easy way to remember it

When a diamond is cut, it loses some of its weight. CVD synthetic diamonds are created by placing carbon under intense heat and pressure, resulting in a diamond that's just as sparkly but much lighter—sometimes half or less of what a mined diamond weighs. This means they cost less to produce and also wear down over time, saving you money in the long run. If you're looking for an affordable alternative to mined diamonds, look no further than CVD synthetic ones.

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