Star Sapphire Stone Meaning, Benefits and Properties

A star sapphire can be considered as one of the most distinctive gemstones and possesses some of the most remarkable properties among all other varieties of sapphires. A star sapphire has six rays, which are aligned in three directions, appearing like a six-pointed star when observed under magnification, hence the name star sapphire. The natural star sapphire was found in Sri Lanka, on the banks of Star River and is also known as Ceylon Blue Sapphire or Blue Star Sapphire as it’s color resembles the blue hues of the Sri Lankan sky.

Meaning of the stone

White sapphire is widely used in jewelry. It is also used to treat insomnia, high blood pressure, piles (hemorrhoids), and for purifying one’s mind. White sapphire helps in keeping peace between friends or neighbors. This stone provides protection from negativity. It gives a balanced energy when worn as a necklace or a ring. The gemstone can remove depression, negative thoughts & feelings such as anger, hostility & jealousy from an individual’s life by bringing purity of thought & enhancing mental peace. People suffering from mood swings can get relief by wearing white sapphire jewelery.

History of the stone

The star sapphire is also known as a star ruby. It has not always been called by that name, but it was named in modern times when its fiery colors reminded people of their favorites gems. The stone's physical properties are exactly like those of a ruby and a sapphire, which causes some confusion among jewelers. But no matter what you call it—star sapphire or star ruby—it remains one of nature's most dazzling stones.

Scientific studies on the stone

A quick Google search will reveal a couple of different stones that can be considered star sapphires. Let’s take a look at each type of stone in more detail below: The traditional star sapphire is found only in Sri Lanka and parts of Myanmar. It gets its name from an eight-rayed gemstone on the Sri Lankan flag. It is known as Gomedha Chintamani, which translates to bringer of joy. This stone has a transparent to translucent appearance with its bright blue color coming from rutile fibers within it (which make up about 10% of it). In addition to being one of two types recognized by Gemmology, Star Sapphires are also said to bring good luck as well as prosperity.

Where to buy?

Star sapphires are not as commonly used in jewelry compared to other gemstones. Most jewelers don’t even have star sapphire on their shelves for sale but if you manage to find a seller who deals with star sapphires, you can buy them. Star sapphires aren’t sold at very high prices so they can be an affordable option to consider when purchasing a new stone. If you want to find out how much a star sapphire will cost, keep reading our guide.

How to wear?

While sapphire is best known for being a bold ring stone or pendant stone, sapphires of all cuts are very popular in earrings. If you’re looking to up your game from typical studs or hoops, an earring featuring a star-cut sapphire will certainly do it. Star-shaped jewelry is also generally easier to wear with more everyday outfits than oval stones or cabochons, so consider going with a five-pointed star if you want to really make it work on a day-to-day basis. Your favorite store might have some real stunners in stock—here’s what those stars mean.

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